Posted by: andrew1906 | October 24, 2008

We should all band together to defeat Michele Bachmann

Maybe I’m a bit of a junkie, but I just gave $50 to this El Tinklenberg. He’s running in the Minnesota 6th against Michele Bachmann, the idiot pol who got on Hardball and called Barack anti-American. I call her an idiot because she, like most of the GOP, seems tone deaf to the reality that these types of friviolous, baseless partisan attacks that seek to exploit the simple-minded predisposition of of the uneducated, unthinking masses with “He doesn’t love America” arguments while avoiding the issues isn’t working. One need only look at Barack and McCain’s comparative favorables after two weeks of trying to paint our nominee as a terrorist sympathizer. Since she did that, this guy raised $1.4 m ($50 of that coming from me), and the GOP Congressional Campaign Finance Committee has pulled the ads from her district while the DCCC (flush with cash) has doubled down.
You guys should put $5 or $10 into this guys campaign, for several reasons:
a) His opponent talked shmack about Barack, and you simply don’t get to do that
b) It’s yet another House seat in what should be an overwhelming majority in Congress
c) She represents the exact sort of divisive, with us- or against us- type of poliitics that is causing the GOP to crater in this cycle, and a message needs to be sent that the country is ready to move past this.
Just my opinion.


  1. I agree. I got five on it:-)

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