Posted by: andrew1906 | June 6, 2008

Oh Joy – State By State Polling

Take a look at:


You can see a poll of polls from every state, which essentially shows you a point-in-time electoral map. This is what matters. Why? Because even if Obama polls better than McCain nationally, McCain might have more electoral votes if the advantage for Obama comes from populous states like California or New York. So national opinion polls are an unreliable predictor of who will win the presidency – what you really want to know is who will win each state.


We’ll want to keep an eye on:


·         Florida (McSame needs this)

·         Pennsylvania

·         Michigan (McSame needs this)

·         Iowa

·         Missisppi (state we could steal)

·         South Caroline (state we could steal)

·         New Mexico (we could steal)

·         Colorado (red since Clinton in 1992, but we could steal)

·         North Dakota

·         Georgia (we could steal because of Black turnout)

·         Ohio (battleground)

·         Indiana (battleground)


Also, this diagram from CNN should be hot too, though it doesn’t look like they’ve populated polling data yet:


Enjoy. This will be our new addiction for the next 5 months (exit the Politico.Com superdelegate tracker)




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