Posted by: andrew1906 | November 7, 2006

Where are the real Democrats?

I live in Virginia. A gentleman by the name of Jim Webb is campaigning to oust the incumbent here. I didn’t get up to vote this morning, since I knew little more about the candidates than I’d gleaned from the commercials on SportsCenter… so rather than became one of those citizens who mindlessly pulls the lever by the D on each ballot, reveling in an idiotic delusion of accomplishment while the irony of our collective failure to hold our leaders to any real standard of accomplishment passes them like ships in the night – I figured I’d read up on the the candidates. See where they are on the issues. Feel good about my choice. This is what I get:
Now everyone – this guy’s running for the Senate and on the night of election, this is what he deemed necessary to communicate to those who would elect him. Now – there is this extremely long, poorly written soliloquy on Iraq. Besides a perturbing inability to decide on first or the third person point of view, this “speech” reeks of oversimplification, a failure to engage on the fundamental dynamics of our presence in Iraq, and a view of Middle Eastern policy that one might reasonably expect to be held by Little Orphan Annie. Perhaps after someone introduces this gentleman to Strunk & White, we can introduce him to the actual world.
If you’ve ever taught any kind of math class, you know that a big 10 with a circle around it is simply not enough. The path to the answer is even more important than the answer itself. I cannot allow my growing frustration with our efforts in Iraq and the administration’s apparent failure to wrap their minds around anything more sophisticated than ” Stay the Course” to excuse this type of mind numbing, puerile, Homer Simpson-type rhetoric. How can I pull the lever for a man who, even when trying to get elected, doesn’t reach for anything more than the Cheerios in the morning???? If this is the effort he puts into engaging into the complexities of our situation before he’s elected, how can I possibly believe he’ll do anything but golf and eat free dinners on my nickel afterwords?
Where are the real Democrats? “Stay the Course” is not a strategy. “Bring Home Our Troops” is not a strategy. We can’t just decide to rewrite International Law when we want. But we also wait to be attacked before we move to ensure the safety of our country. Is no one in our government capable of engaging and articulating the complexities of our plight without resorting to taglines, overused cliches, and piss-poor prose??? Or, is their faith in our ability to comprehend concepts requiring more than two sentences that don’t rhyme so weak that they feel compelled to relegate complex issues to GI Joe, good-and-evil type banter???????
But it gets better.
Scroll down to Economic and Social Fairness. Wow. A whole paragraph. We can tell he’s really thought this out. Education. Boy – he’s on it fellas. He’s ON IT. Israel. Apparently, he has access to Wikipedia too. And look – he’s managed to boil Israel (because, it’s only about Israel) down to three paragraphs! Greatest Challenge Facing America – is it just me who’s beginning to feel like the kid who doesn’t understand why people are gushing over a naked emperor? I mean, could it be the we the people actually allow shameless written, Days-Of-Our-Lives style prose like this to pass as intellectual thought?
Apparently, Mr. Webb is so confident in his ability to rally us against Bush and the war to win this election that he has decided he doesn’t need to address anything else. Like a high school student who realizes he can pass just by doing well on the exams, he’s decided homework is unnecessary. The bare minimum will do. This man has done just enough to get by. And just like that – my frustration with the GOP is eclipsed by the realization that we’re actually going to let him, and people like him, get away with this.
Now I ask you – is this man really fit to govern? Read his page.  Can you honestly tell me that you don’t all know five people under 20 that could grasp, articulate, and engage on the issues in a more complete manner than demostrated here? Should he really be trusted to make tough decisions? Do we really want to hand over the crux of our Democracy to a man who writes (and perhaps – thinks?)  at a ninth grade level (I know, I know… but Bush is already in office, so let’s get past it everyone) ? Has he been thoughtful about the problems facing our nation and our people, and can he reach for the solution that is bipartisan, that is not perfect, and that may not be popular? Where are the real Democrats? When can I get excited about Jon Q. Politician being in the office, instead of being excited that George Bush might not be?
I’m going to vote Democrat. But I am not going to like it.
My 6 cents,


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